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• 11/2/2018

Card Lists

Is there a post of the cardlists anywhere - I mean, what cards came in what box originally? I know there are the pages for Gruffs and Shepherds, and each individual shows what game it came from - but if I mix everything together, I'd like a "one list in one place" sort of thing. Does it exist, or shall I pull one together and post it here on the wiki?

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• 10/28/2018

Fable: Brat vs. Gildfisk

Based on the playmat Brat attempts to hold Gildfisk off with Squabbles and a team of Gruffs.

Gruff Playmat: Brat vs Gildfisk
Gruff Playmat: Brat vs Gildfisk Studio Woe
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• 8/5/2018

Gristle's Ruin

The Fable (https://gruff.wikia.com/wiki/Fable:_Gristle%27s_Ruin) is based around the idea that, because of the Plague, Gaptooth abandoned Gristle to gorge himself on the new mutations running rampant in the Green Span.

The Fable should have a rule where Gaptooth leaves the game after a few rounds once a mutation is played.
Fable: Gristle's Ruin
Fable: Gristle's Ruin Gruff Wikia
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• 7/18/2018

Fable: Wildthing vs. Grumblesnore

Based on Grumblesnore's initial attack on Respite (https://gruff.wikia.com/wiki/Grumblesnore).

Team A would be composed of Wildthing with Buttons and Bluenose as his gruffs.

The Fable could have 2 difficulty levels:
* Standard: The player chooses a third gruff and plays against Grumblesnore as normal.
* Legendary: The player plays against Grumblesnore with only Buttons and Bluenose! He is either attempting to beat Grumblesnore or survive a number of rounds as he defends Respite.
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• 7/16/2018

Badge Organization and Use

What categories would be interesting to use in order to separate the Badge List (https://gruff.wikia.com/wiki/Badge)?

* Metagame: Badges related to achievements which occur out Gruff games. These are things like becoming a Shepherd of Woe, for example.
* Gruff: Badges related to a specific Gruff. This can be playing, winning or losing with a particular Gruff.
* Faction: Pure Herd Badges.
* Stats: Badges related to either Shepherd of Gruff stats.
** Crazy
** Mean
** Fat
** Weird
* Win Conditions: Winning games under specific conditions.
* Lose Conditions: Should there be Badges related to losing games in a specific condition?
* Trolls: Badges related to beating Trolls (both in solo and cooperative modes).

Should Badges get more specific to different formats such as having Tournament, Combo Deck and Fable related Badges?

Furthermore what could Badges be used for? As a collection during games but could it also be used in a specific game format (such as the point system of a league environment)?
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• 7/11/2018

Fable: Gristle's Redemption

Conrey, unable to forsake his uncle to eternal servitude to Grimwood, marches forward hoping to free him from his misery. He will be forced to fight Gristle, The Vengeful before facing Grimwood in a desperate fight to free his uncle's soul.

Conrey fights alongside Briggs. Legendary Gristle is accompanied by Legendary Ol'Darby and Grimwood brings Zumberg.
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• 6/13/2018

Fable: Gristle vs Grimwood

A Fable which harkens back to the Grendel's invasion of the Skullclan Homelands. Team A would be composed of Gristle, Ol'Darby while Team B would be Grimwood with Zumberg. Should the other two choices in the teams be open or maybe select specific gruffs?

Would have to talk to Brent about this episode in lore to select two other gruffs for each team.
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• 6/6/2018

Fable: Dr Acrid vs Schnark

Considering that Dr. Acrid used Schark's heart to create Thump it seems that Schnark would be rampaging to get it back. Team A would be Dr. Acrid with Thump and two open slots? Team B is Schnark.
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• 2/9/2018

Ol'Darby Starting Cards

Check Ol'Darby's starting cards. They should be:

* Triage
* Grouchy
* Protect
* Bend Space
* Hallucinate
* Hallucinate
* Startle
* Epiphany

But has two "Startle"s instead.
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• 6/9/2017

Request for Admin Rights

I have recently been participating in the Gruff wikia and would like to be given administrator permissions to better manage the wiki.

Many thanks.
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• 12/2/2016
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