First Appearance Edit

The dire troll Blabbersac, crashed through the inner walls of the Citadel of Dreams like a child running through reeds. Every other troll had only been a distraction to create the opening for this colossus! The air around him rippled with power, and I knew I stood in the presence of the god of trolls.

He reached for the Catalog of Dreams only to have it snatched from his grasp by the decrepit but swift form of Ol'Darby. He swatted at the ancient gruff, trying wrench the sacred tome from his grasp, but then, the shadowy form of my fallen mentor arrived. Dark and deathly energy coursed through Gristle animating his shattered frame. His mouth opened wide and an unearthly howl split the air as he summoned a blasphemous Deepthing and a stitched monstrosity to his side.

With this new alliance the Stuffkin battered the troll until his mighty form collapsed, shattering into a million shards of trollstone. After that battle, The Stuffkin, the Deepthings, and Skullclan swore an alliance, which ushered in what we now know as the Age of Nightmares.

— High Chief Conrey's recollection of the fall of Blabbersac