Goatmilk Edit


Friday, May 20 2016

Ability Cards Edit

Number Name Type Cost Ultimate Starting Card Rule
1 Rookie's Luck Mutation 3 No Yes Mutate Buttons. When Buttons is activated, if he is the only exhausted gruff on your team, draw a card.
2 Gullible Condition 5 No Yes Choose any gruff. Whenever another gruff gains or loses stats, the chosen gruff also gains or loses those stats.
3 Psychic Strike Action 19 No Yes Choose any shepherd with no cards in their deck. Kill that shepherd.
4 Respite Action 0 No Yes Put a Dream mutation token on an enemy gruff. Draw a card.
5 Sleep Action 1 No Yes Exhaust anu gruff.
6 Illusion of Valor Condition 9 No Yes Choose any gruff. When you play this card, the chosen gruff gets +2 Mean. When this card Fades, the chosen gruff gets -2 Mean.
7 Playful Push Action 2 No Yes Deal 1 Damage to any gruff. If that gruff is on your team, the active gruff may swap places with that gruff.
8 Recurring Dream Action 10 No Yes Put a Dream mutation token on a gruff, then shuffle this card into your deck.
9 Vague Recollection Condition 2 No No Return any condition or mutation to its owner's hand. Other mutations and conditions cannot be played while this card is in effect.
10 Dream of Equity Mutation 7 No No Mutate any shepherd. Ignore all threshold abilities on that shepherd.
11 Quizzical Action 0 No No Look at your opponent's hand. Draw a card.
12 Flashback Action 6 Yes No Return the next action card you play to your hand after it is played.
13 Mutual Dreaming Action 17 Yes No Put a Dream mutation token on each gruff.
14 Identity Crisis Mutation 3 Yes No Mutate any gruff. Any card that references a specific gruff references the mutated gruff instead.
15 Disillusion Action 8 Yes No For each exhausted gruff in play, you may destroy one condition or mutation card.