Ability Card List Edit

Number Name Type Cost Ultimate Starting Card Rule
1 Ramming Stance Condition 5 No Yes Choose any gruff, it gets +2 Defense and deals +2 Damage while this card is in play.
2 Crush Action 6 No Yes Choose any gruff, it gets +1 Mean. Then, destroy any condition or mutation card.
3 Engine Lock Condition 12 Yes No Enemy gruffs cannot be swapped while this card is in play. This card cannot be destroyed while in play, but is removed as normal during the cleanup phase.
4 Block Condition 1 No Yes Choose any gruff, it gets +2 Defense while this card is in play.
5 Gripjaw's Rage Action 8 No Yes Gripjaw gains +2 Mean.
6 Iron Grip Mutation 3 No Yes Mutate the gruff that is opposite Gripjaw. Whenever the mutated gruff is swapped, Gripjaw also immediately swaps to be opposite that gruff.
7 Bad Science Action 9 No Yes Shuffle your discard pile into your deck and then draw a card.
8 Min Max Action 1 No Yes Choose any gruff, it loses 1 point from any stat. Then, that gruff gets +1 to any stat. (If a gruff cannot gain and lose a point, it cannot be chosen by this card.)
9 Steel Rivets Mutation 12 Yes No Mutate any condition. That condition cannot be removed from play until this mutation is destroyed.
10 Refuel Action 3 No No This card is only playable if your active gruff is a Contraption. Refresh any gruff and draw a card.
11 Catalyst Condition 4 Yes No While this card is in play your other cards cost 2 less Crazy to play. (Cards cannot cost less that 0 Crazy.)
12 Fuel Line Rupture Action 4 No No Exhaust any two unexhausted gruffs.
13 Nitrocelerate Mutation 6 Yes No Mutate Gripjaw. Whenever you draw a card, gain 1 Crazy.
14 Homing Beacon Mutation 10 No Yes Mutate any gruff. Whenever Gripjaw's attack hits the mutated gruff, Gripjaw gains +3 Mean.
15 Disinfectant Pump Mutation 7 No No Machination.

Mutate any gruff. Whenever the mutated gruff attacks, you may destroy any mutation.