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Go lick a Funkfiend!
— Gristle's best insult[1]

Aftermath of Stuff of Nightmares Edit

The length and breadth of the Green Span was dyed red and black in the aftermath of the war against the Trolls. There was so much death here, so much wasted potential. I only had enough onyx to raise a few of the fallen. I walked past the corpse of the old witch and the vile doctor, searching for my prize.

Gristle was a name that chills the hearts of all of my clan. For decades we lived in fear of him and his marauding herd. There he was, battered, beaten, and in the sacred embrace of Death. Death is a holy state, a man like him did not deserve such an honor. I placed the black stones upon his eyes and uttered my dark prayers... 'Rise old villain and serve the Skullclan' and my old nemesis arose with a burning hatred in his blackened eyes. Hatred for the one who slew him. Hatred for Blabbersac!

— Excerpt from the Book of Grimwood, scripture of the Skullclan

Killed while saving Conrey from Blabbersac, Grimwood reanimated him as a weapon against the troll.

References Edit

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