Gruffs are mutant monster goats - results of black magic, foul science and forbidden breeding practices.

Anatomy of a Gruff Edit

Mean Edit

The offensive capacity of the gruff. Mean represents the Damage a gruff can deal when attacking.

Fat Edit

The defensive capacity of the gruff. Fat represents the Defense value of a gruff when it is attacked.

Weird Edit

Gruffs are so twisted and strange that being near them eats at a shepherd's sanity. Weird is added to a shepherd's Crazy when the gruff is activated.

Special Ability Edit

Each gruff has a triggered ability explained on their card. If that ability triggers on activation, it is applied before any other effect of activation. If a gruff gains Weird when activated, the Weird is gained before the gruff's Weird is added to the shepherd's Crazy.

Faction Edit

Gruffs belong to a Faction.

The Gruffs Edit