Shepherds travel The Betwixt, becoming evermore insane by the very Gruffs they herd, indiscriminately challenging all who cross their path.

Anatomy of a Shepherd Edit

Life Edit

The amount of Damage your shepherd can be dealt before you lose the game. Life is represented by a Life meter and it's value moves up or down and down during a game. Life can never go above the shepherd's maximum. Any time a shepherd Life is equal to or below 0 the shepherd has lost the game.

Threshold Edit

A white line between 2 values of a shepherd's Life meter the Threshold indicates an ability trigger. Some triggers are only for when Life drops below the Threshold while other activate every time Life passes through the Threshold (both going up or falling below it). Not all shepherds have Threshold abilities.

Crazy Edit

The total combined cost of cards that you can play during your turn. In order to use an Ability Card the shepherd's Crazy must be equal to or greater than the card's Crazy cost, represented by a number on the upper left corner of the ability card. Multiple ability cards may be played in a single turn as long as the total Crazy cost does not exceed the shepherd's Crazy.

Crazy is cumulative and does not decrease when ability cards are played. A shepherd gains Crazy equal to the activated Gruff's Weird. A shepherd may have a maximum of 30 Crazy.

Breaking Point Edit

A shepherd's Breaking Point defines how many Ultimate Cards may be in the shepherd's deck. It is represented as a number within a purple circle, enveloped by horns on the upper right corner of the shepherd card.

The ShepherdsEdit