First Appearance Edit

The earth shook as Grumblesnore finally fell from the vaulted parapets of the Citadel of Dreams. I brought Duchess with me on order of Grandmother Weaver, to defend The Stuffkin Catalog of Dreams at all costs. Wielding this new power, Wildthing was able to overcome the great blue troll and secure the library, or so we thought. The vile cloud which surrounded Grumblesnore did not disperse when he was defeated. I can smell another troll nearby, but fear the enemy has slipped through our defenses... silent, but deadly...
Lutz, Stuffkin Envoy to the factions of The Betwixt

Aftermath of Stuff of Nightmares Edit

The vile purple troll had breached through the defenses of the Citadel of Dreams and had made his way directly to the restricted area of the library. This was particularly frustrating due to the fact that the troll did not even have a proper library card. Tucker, and the combined forces of the shepherds of The Betwixt were eventually able to stop him as he approached our most sacred tome, The Stuffkin Catalog of Dreams. This incident violated many of the library's noise policies, and I hope that I never hear such a cacophony repeated for as long as I am the administrator of this library...
— Head Librarian Vorkin