Ability Cards Edit

Number Name Type Cost Ultimate Starting Card Rule
1 Weaver's Weft Action 12 No Yes Choose any player. The chosen player reveals their hand and discards all cards that cost 7 or more.
2 Collective Fear Action 6 No Yes Deal 1 Damage to an attacking gruff. If that gruff has a Nightmare mutation, deal 2 Damage instead.
3 Insomnia Mutation 23 No Yes Mutate any unexhausted gruff. Whenever the mutated gruff would become exhausted, its shepherd loses 1 Life instead.
4 Protect Condition 2 No Yes The active gruff may swap places with any allied gruff and gets +2 Defense while this card is in play.
5 Block Condition 1 No Yes Choose any gruff. It gets +2 Defense while this card is in play.
6 Sleep Action 1 No Yes Exhaust any gruff.
7 Frazzle Action 4 No Yes Choose any unexhausted gruff. Put a Nightmare mutation token on the chosen gruff. The chosen gruff gets +1 Mean.
8 Dream Eater Action 9 No Yes Destroy all Dream and Nightmare mutation tokens. Stitchy gets +1 to any stat for each token destroyed.
9 Bad Moon Action 5 No No Each gruff gets +1 Mean. Gruffs with a Nightmare mutation token gets +2 Mean instead.
10 Grin Mutation 16 No No Mutate any shepherd. Whenever that shepherd discards a card, that shepherd takes 1 Damage.
11 Phantasm Action 5 No No Put a Nightmare mutation token on any gruff.
12 Disillusion Action 8 Yes No For each exhausted gruff in play, you may destroy one condition or mutation card.
13 Fatal Delusion Action 30 Yes No Kill two exhausted enemy gruffs.
14 Narcolepsy Mutation 4 Yes No Mutate any unexhausted gruff. Exhaust the mutated gruff. Whenever the mutated gruff would be refreshed, destroy this mutation instead.
15 Terrifying Smile Condition 2 Yes No The gruff opposite Stitchy cannot be swapped.